On Extruders & Perspectives

Pushing children through.

One of the advantages of compulsory education is that everyone receives an education. One of the disadvantages of compulsory education is that everyone receives essentially the same education. One of the unfortunate features of a common compulsory education is that everyone receives their education from essentially the same perspective. After twelve years of schooling in mathematics, we might be tempted to sing “This is the way we do our math, do our math, do our math. This is the way we do our math, so early in the morning.” If our math education, for example, is a process of pushing children through a standard curriculum, is it reasonable to assume that they will be able to see math differently? Put another way, is it likely that children will be able to approach math from different perspectives, different points of view?

Being able to see the familiar in unfamiliar light is challenging for most of us. If this is so, how is it possible that we can make monumental strides in medicine, architecture and design, science research, and innovation in all areas? For the most part, we all came through the same common school program established in the Nineteenth Century, and yet there are some who seem to be able to shake off their personal histories with education and “look at what’s under the rock,” so to speak.

At TEDxSFA, we’re fascinated by this idea of perspectives. Why do some people easily breakout of the typical patterns of thinking and others seem to be hobbled by their educational experiences? It’s easy to shrug innovators and creative minds as outliers or gifted or talented and yet there must be more to it than this. There must be a defining moment when someone sees the typical atypically. When does a person’s perspective change? And, is a change of perspective something that we can help others to experience via formal or informal educational experiences? Ken Robinson talks about this change of perspectives in the following video: Changing Education Paradigms

During TEDxSFA: Perspectives, you’ll experience the joy and passion of engaging others from many different perspectives and seeing how they approach the typical atypically. Join us.

Keep moving forward (wd).

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